Student FAQ

A Clear Path to the Future

How does the program work in more detail?

The program involves a student in their senior year of high school splitting time 50/50 between the classroom (attending high school and/or concurrent enrollment classes at USUE) and working at IE. Thus we target a 20 hour work week at IE. Students will typically attend school in the morning and work at IE after lunch (or visa versa), though IE can be flexible depending on class availability. The work time allocation increases slightly over time. Freshman year at USUE, participants will work roughly 25 hours a week at IE, with goal of moving to 30 hours a week at IE in the third year. (Note: The engineering path requires significantly more time at USUE, with time at IE averaging 15 hours per week) The time spent working at IE will be in an apprenticeship environment where you will be working one-on-one with a mentor, getting hands-on training and development. IE also conducts formal internal training as well.

What if I want to participate in the program but Intermountain Electronics doesn’t accept me?

You do not have to be employed at IE to be accepted into this program. The curriculum is best learned when done in conjunction with a hands-on work experience, but it is not a requirement. Further, USUE has partnerships with other employers in the area where you may be able to learn and apply similar principles. Their compensation, roles, and other details will differ, but the structure of the program is open to everybody. Last, this program equips you for work at IE, and thus if you do not secure employment with us at the outset, participating and excelling in the education program will strongly position you for future openings at IE.

What if I’m interested in the program, but I’m not in a position to work so much during Senior year? Or if I’m interested in a more traditional senior year, can I start this after graduation?

Yes, the program is open to high school graduates, though it will still likely require three years before you obtain an associate’s degree. Depending on the requirements of your program, and any prerequisites you may have coming out of high school, the exact structure of the program, including classes and job hours, will vary.

What if I’m a Sophomore or Junior and I’m interested in the program?

Currently, the program is only open to Seniors, but Sophomores and Juniors can start preparing themselves for the program by making sure they are taking courses that will make gain them eligibility (primarily making sure they are on track to take Math 1050 and English 1010). This is especially true for those who are contemplating the engineering track of the program where advanced math and science courses are very important to take while still in high school. If you will be at least 16 years of age by June 1st, we invite you to apply to our Summer Internship Program. The application period will open up in April. The Summer program is a great way to get a taste of what life is like working at IE, and will also help position you for future opportunities with the company.

How do I apply?

Click the following and apply for the appropriate program.

What is the selection process and how do you guide me once I’m in?

After we review your application, you may be selected for an in-person interview. If you are extended an offer, high school and USUE counselors along with an IE representative, will meet with you to lay out your path and schedule. Our collective goal will be to make sure you meet all requirements for graduation from high school as well as your prospective degree, while getting tailored mentoring and training at IE. Once in the program, you will have regular meetings with counselors at USUE and IE to help shepherd you successfully to your degree. Additionally, you will work daily with your mentor at IE, and receive regular reviews.

I don’t have any experience with electronics or electrical trades. Will I really be considered?

Yes! There is no specific prior experience necessary for the program, except enthusiasm, ambition, and a drive to learn. We will teach you the basics.

Do I need tools or other equipment to participate?

IE will provide the tools necessary to participate in the program. The company will also provide all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).

How much will I get paid?

You will be paid $12/hr as a first-year participant in the program. Successful completion of annual goals, performance reviews, and market factors will determine your eligibility for annual compensation increases and advancement.

Once I’m in, am I in for good? Does it guarantee me a full-time job with IE at the end of the three years?

Participants’ ongoing enrollment at USUE and employment at IE are both predicated upon performance in class and in the workplace. If for whatever reason, you do not work out at IE, you will still be able to continue in the program and complete your schooling. You will just need to find another industry partner to sponsor your apprentice hours. Upon completion of the program, IE may choose to make offers to candidates to continue as full-time employees based on their performance within the program and business need. That said, IE’s intent is to retain as many participants in full-time roles as possible.

How do I know if this would be a good fit for me?

One way for you to learn more about what life would be like working for IE would be to apply for the Summer Internship Program. Look for IE on campus in April with more information. Interns who perform well in the internship will be well positioned for acceptance into these programs that are designed to launch fully in the Fall.