OEM Packaging

Your “easy button” integration partner.

It takes a lot of trust to put your customer relationships in the hands of an integration partner.  We work every day to live up to that trust, and are proud to be the integrator of choice for some of the most sophisticated power and process OEM’s in the world.

IE – Integrator of choice for tomorrow’s power and renewables leaders. 

Electrical Buildings / E-houses / PDCs

Our fast and flexible design capabilities and deep electrical and project management expertise make us a preferred integrator for OEM partners in the power gen, T&D, LNG and Petrochem, Data Center, Food and Beverage, Traction Power, and other industrial sectors.  Learn more

  • Customizable walk-in style electrical enclosures
  • 100% integration and testing of all power distribution equipment
  • IE sourced equipment available to supplement OEM supplied gear
  • Integrated HVAC systems, fire systems, and battery backup / UPS
  • State approvals for all 50 states and various international jurisdictions
  • Fire-rated and blast-resistant designs available
  • Enclosures ranging from 6’ x 6’ to single piece buildings of 20’ x 75’; multi-piece split designs reaching 50’ x 200’ or greater
  • Built to applicable International Building Code (IBC) per state and local requirements
  • UL or third-party equivalent certifications available

Relay Panels and DCS Systems

With our dedicated panel facility complementing our four manufacturing facilities, IE provides high volumes of custom relay control panels, DCS panels, and PLCs that we readily integrate into packages for our OEM partners.  Advanced testing capabilities mean you can “sleep easy” knowing the enclosures are field ready.  Learn more

  • Dedicated panel facility for high volume production and panel-specific quality management
  • Proprietary in-house relay panel mechanical design
  • Turnkey packages available with enclosures and integrated panels
  • In-house testing including three phase voltage and current injection, and break simulation.
  • IEEE
  • UL

Switchgear & Mobile Substations

Our OEM partners leverage our fabrication and integration skills for a variety of MV and LV distribution solutions including outdoor rated switchgear, mobile substation packages, and specialized outdoor breaker and recloser packages.  Fire-rated and blast-resistant enclosures available.  Learn more

  • Walk-in style or outdoor rated (NEMA 3R) offerings available
  • Integrated incoming MV, transformer, and LV distribution sections 
  • Modular, fast-custom solutions (<12-14 weeks)
  • Traditional, Arc-Mitigating, and Arc-Resistant designs available
  • Mobile sub packages with incoming power up to 138 kV
  • Reclosers and switchgear up to 38 kV

Generator Packages

We provide turnkey standby generator packages up to 3000KW.  UL 22200 enclosures and UL 142 tank enclosure certifications available.  Designs include fire suppression systems.  Options available to integrate custom transformers and controls.  Learn more

  • Offer design, build, and program capabilities
  • Load customer supplied programs, or collaborate with customers to develop control narratives and custom programs.
  • Dedicated panel facility manufacturing high volumes of DCS cabinets, PLC panels, and other control panels
  • 3,000 kW units in a 12’ x 50’ footprint
  • UL 2200 enclosures certifications
  • UL 142 fuel tank enclosure designs with up to 10,000 gallons of fuel for over 24 hours of generator time

Pump, Filter, and Process Equipment

Our broad capabilities include custom structural and pipe fabrication, pressure vessel manufacturing, pump integration, process and instrumentation, and electrical and automation.  We have successfully integrated pump, pressure vessels, instrumentation and measurement equipment, filtration, high volume compressors, and all the associated electrical and automation equipment for our OEM partners. Learn more

  • Variety of pump, filter, and compressor skid packages available.
  • Reduced lead times and costs by packaging anything with a P&ID on a pre-manufactured skid or enclosure
  • 100% integration and automation, with factory performance testing available
  • ASME U stamps for pressure vessels
  • Spools and vessels up to 36” and up to 5,000 psi