IE Components

With IE’s SmartCenter™ platform and line of integrated smart components the digital mine of the future has arrived today.

With over a dozen new patents, IE has revolutionized mining safety and productivity with our breakers, ground fault relays and monitors, and couplers, while our SmartCenter™ platform is integrating these products into the digital mine of the future.

IE SmartCenter™ – Powering Global Mining

Circuit Breakers

IE is revolutionizing the mining breaker, with automated MV and LV breakers meeting MSHA requirements for built in visual disconnects and grounding.  Draw-out and other options create operational flexibility and reduce downtime, with built-in safety features like remote operability and visual disconnects.

  • MV Mining breakers with built in visual disconnect – offerings in both 15KV and 25KV classes
  • 1KVDO breaker offers draw-out functionality in an automatic (remote operable) 1000V 600A rating, with vacuum contactor and protection relay.  
  • Replacement MV and LV power and molded case breakers
  • 1KVDO – 1000V, 600A  draw-out breaker
    • Utilizes contactor plus fuses for overcurrent and short-circuit protection
    • Up 50 KAIC short circuit protection
    • Racted for 10,000 operations
  • IE175VB (17.5 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker) with built-in visual disconnect
    • 17.5 kV, 1250A Continuous rating
    • 25kA Interrupting Rating, 95 kV BIL
    • Available with UVR or Shunt Trip Auxiliaries
  • IE270VB (27 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker) with built-in visual disconnect
    • 27 kV, 600A Continuous rating
    • 16 kA Interrupting Rating, 125 kV BIL
    • Available with UVR or Shunt Trip Auxiliaries

Ground Monitors and Relays

IE’s complete line of ground monitors and relays, which brings modern technology to a landscape full of 1970s technology, offers improvements in dependability and uptime, functionality, and connectivity.

  • Multiple Ground Fault relays including Sensitive Ground fault relays / Earth Leakage relays sensitive to 20 milli-Amps.
  • Multiple versions of Ground Monitors (Ground Check devices) built on various technology platforms (analog, digital signal processing)
  • Diode based systems eliminate parallel paths
  • GLT-500 and associated diode have MSHA approval (only approvals offered to updated code since 1985.
  • GMS-504 offers multiple frequency and DC signals to eliminate nuisance tripping; works well with VFDs across all frequency spectrums
  • MSHA Certified monitors for up to 5 kV circuits
  • HV ground monitors covering up to 15 kV

Miscellaneous Electronic Mining Components

IE offers a wide range of voltage sensing devices and indicators, functioning from 120V to 15 kV.  We also offer a complete range of capacitor trip devices and other energy storage devices to safely operate breakers in the event of a power outage.

  • Best in class safety products including voltage monitors, and indicators and capacitor trip devices
  • High voltage monitor with light and sound indicators for voltage indication up to 15 kV; Live Line Indicator (LLI) for 120V-600V applications
  • Various Capacitor trip devices (CTDs) including best-in-class ICTD 2 with 6000 uF of storage capacity
  • Typical storage time of up to 40 seconds, while charging in less than one second
  • UVR test button for safe discharge
  • TBD

Couplers and Connectors

Our line of LV plugs and receptacles, rated up to 600A, set the industry standard in terms of safety and ease of use. We offer a range of cable glands and MV connectors as well rated up to 25 kV, and multiple specialty power and communication cables and connector assemblies.

  • LV plus and receptacles rated for 1000V and up to 600A continuous
  • Removable two-piece insulator for easy field replacement/maintenance
  • Hands free kick-flip covers
  • Configurable for multiple grounds and pilot wires
  • IRG 30 / IPL 30 – 300A rated for up to 4/O cables
  • IRG 60 / IPL 60 – 600A rated for up to 500 MCM cables

IE SmartCenter™ / Digital Mine

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is transforming the power at your fingertips in everything from your home thermostat to your vehicle’s center console. IE’s SmartCenter™ now brings that same connectivity to your power distribution system, while keeping everything as simple as your smartphone app.

  • IoT functionality – remote monitoring and remote control of electrical components
  • Cheaper and simpler than PLCs, with built in, pre-programmed functionality
  • Standardized User Interface (UI) and home screens for “app” like handling and ease of use
  • TBD