Ore Processing & Material Handling

Your “go to” partner for power distribution systems in pits and plants alike.

Our team is comprised of former mining operators.  Our deep expertise make us the “go to” partner for power distribution systems in pits and plants alike.  See how the world’s global mine operators and their EPC partners are using our equipment below.

IE – Powering Global Mining

Medium Voltage

UL certified NEMA 3R or walk-in style switchgear, in traditional or ruggedized including stainless steel packages, up to 35 kV.  Air Insulated (AIS) or Gas Insulated (GIS) designs available.  Learn More


Fixed or ruggedized portable substations, up to 15 MVA and 69 kV primary voltage.  Portable solutions included skid-mounted or trailer mounted solutions.  Offered in walk-in style or outdoor rated.  Learn More

& PDCs

PLC hardware and DCS systems for process plant automation and controls.  Built to customer furnished or IE designs.  Expert programming capabilities, developed to your control narratives or we’ll develop them with your input.  Learn More

Process &
Pump Skids

Turnkey pump, instrumentation, power and controls skids for solution treatment, slurry handling, measurement, and other applications.  Individual pumps up to 1200hp.  Learn More


IE manufactured DOE high efficiency dry-type transformers, up to 8 MVA with voltages up to 25 kV.  Sourced oil-filled transformers up to 20MVA.  Learn More

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

PLC hardware and programming designed to customer specifications.  IE designed PLCs and custom programs based on jointly developed control narratives.  Learn More