Utilities & Renewables

Your “easy button” for power infrastructure.

Relay Panels and Control Buildings

With our dedicated panel facility complementing our four manufacturing facilities, IE provides standalone relay control panels or relay control enclosures, as well as turnkey packages with fully integrated panels.  Advanced testing capabilities mean you can “sleep easy” knowing the enclosures are field ready. Learn more

  • Dedicated panel facility for high volume production and panel-specific quality management
  • Proprietary in-house relay panel mechanical design
  • Turnkey packages available with enclosures and integrated panels
  • Custom solutions including split enclosures for high rack volumes, and integrated UPS/battery backups
  • Offloading and construction management services available
  • In-house testing including three phase voltage and current injection, and break simulation.
  • IEEE

MV Switchgear

Our MV custom switchgear includes outdoor rated and walk-in style options.  We provide UL-listed, ANSI metal-clad designs up to 25KV, and Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) packages up to 38KV in a compact footprint for the most demanding applications. Arc-Resistant designs available. Custom packages include relay control panels.  Learn more

  • Walk-in or non-walk-in outdoor rated (NEMA 3R) offerings available
  • Voltage up to 38 kV and current ratings of 3000A
  • Integrate all major VCB brands (ABB, Siemens, Eaton, Toshiba, Schneider)
  • Modular, fast-custom solutions (<12-14 weeks)
  • Traditional, Arc-Mitigating, and Arc-Resistant designs available
  • UL listings – ANSI C37.20 standards
  • Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) designs up to 25 kV and 3000A; GIS rated up to 38KV
  • Specialty switchgear and bus systems up to 4000A ampacity
  • Short circuit ratings available up to 50KAIC

Battery Energy Storage (BESS) Packages

IE has been at the forefront of Energy Storage over the past five years, packaging what has comprised the world’s largest lithium-ion BESS systems on multiple occasions.  Our custom capabilities easily adapt to your varying requirements including rack heights, battery type, walk-in vs. non-walk-in designs, HVAC, and fire detection/suppression needs. Learn more

  • Customized containers accommodate standard or oversized  racks (120”) 
  • Designs ranging from <300 kWh to over 10 MWh per enclosure
  • Integrated electrical, DC and AC systems (including BMS and inverters)
  • Customized HVAC, fire detection and suppression systems
  • Gas detection with controlled enclosure ventilation
  • Walk-in and non-walk-in outdoor rated enclosures
  • UL 9540A
  • Up to 10 MWh or more per enclosure
  • Seismic ratings available up to Seismic Zone 4
  • NFPA 2001: 2019 compliant, including in-facility testing

E-Houses / PDCs

We design and manufacture hundreds of fully-integrated walk-in electrical enclosures every year.  Common applications include relay control enclosures, renewable interconnect buildings, switchgear packages, energy storage facilities, and modular data centers (MDCs).  We build large, multi-split enclosures for the largest installations.  Learn more

  • Customizable walk-in style electrical enclosures
  • 100% integration and testing of all power distribution equipment, whether equipment is IE sourced or customer supplied
  • State approvals for all 50 states and various international jurisdictions
  • Integrated HVAC systems, fire systems, and battery backup / UPS
  • Enclosures ranging from 6’ x 6’ to single piece buildings of 20’ x 75’; multi-piece split designs reaching 50’ x 200’ or greater
  • Built to applicable International Building Code (IBC) per state and local requirementsUL or third-party equivalent certifications available.

Modular / Mobile Substations

IE has provided hundreds of skid-mounted or trailer mounted substations up to 20 MVA, offering short lead times and cost-effective remote electrification.  Standard designs cut lead times for utility power from a year to 20-24 weeks or less. We build to regional grid requirements and specifications.  Learn more

  • Utility substations up to 20 MVA on a single skid or split skid design
  • On or off-skid utility metering
  • Outdoor rated controls or walk-in style control rooms
  • Skid mounted or trailer mounted options
  • Utility substations receiving up to 115 kV primary power and 20 MVA in size
  • Built to all IEEE substations standards and local utility requirements

Dry-Type Transformers

We build hundreds of MVA of dry-type transformers every year. We have invested in state-of-the-art core-steel cutting and coil winding equipment.  Our transformers range up to 10 MVA with voltages up to 25 KV.  Step-lap mitre cores are standard, and all are vacuum pressure impregnated (VPI) for maximum efficiency and durability. Learn more

  • Standard and custom-designed and manufactured dry-type transformers up to 10 MVA with voltages up to 25 kV
  • Dual primary and secondary voltages available
  • Custom designs manufactured in as few as 8 weeks
  • We source oil-filled transformers up to 115 kV and 20 MVA
  • IE Dry-type transfers all offer step-lapped, mitred cores with M6 core steels or finer
  • Meet DOE 2015 efficiency standards (latest available)
  • Copper windings, VPI on every coil
  • 220°C insulation system
  • Tested per ANSI C57.12.01; testing capability up to 150KV BI

Edge / Modular Data Centers

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Baselayer, IE is the leader in Modular Data Center (MDC) Edge deployments, with hundreds of megawatts installed. While renewables integration is straining the traditional grid, visionary utilities are using our modular Edge solutions, ranging from 50 kW to 2 MW or more, to improve their resiliency and reduce business continuity risk. Learn more 

  • Standard or custom designs available
  • 6 cabinet, 50 kW IT load Micro Edge MDC in 14’L x 11’W footprint
  • Multi-bay MDCs with 600 kW accommodating up to 110 cabinets
  • N, N+1, and 2N cooling options available
  • RunSmart® MDC Edge DCIM software
  • Clean Agent Fire suppression systems
  • Indoor and outdoor (NEMA 4) options
  • Outside air, chilled water, or DX cooling options available
  • Accommodate rack densities of between 5.4 and 15 kW/cabinet
  • NFPA 72 Compliant and UL-Listed Fire Equipment
  • 3 Phase 208V Power, 400A

Inverter Skids

IE offers inverter skid packages for solar and battery energy storage applications, packaging inverters with integrated combiner boxes and power transformers.  Walk-in style options available. Contact us for more information.

  • Customized containers accommodate standard or oversized  racks (120”) 
  • Designs holding from <300 kWh to over 10 MWh
  • Integrated electrical, DC and AC systems (including BMS and inverters)
  • Customized HVAC and fire detection and suppression systems
  • Walk-in style and outdoor rated enclosures
  • UL 9540
  • Up to 10 MWh or more
  • Seismic ratings available up to Seismic Zone 4
  • NFPA 2015 compliant including in-facility testing