Servicing the midstream sector to the highest standards in service and quality since 1985.

Today’s midstream infrastructure must meet the highest safety, environmental, and energy efficiency standards while maximizing ROI.  Our approach, based on our operator-DNA, provides pragmatic, value-engineered solutions to make your life easy.  IE’s electrical and process offering covers the full range of midstream gas and liquids infrastructure, from gathering systems to refinery and everything in between.

IE – Engineered by Operators.™

Pipeline Pumping Systems
/ Booster Stations

High-pressure pumping systems up to 250,000 bpd.  Fully integrated designs available including power, controls, and automation.  Learn More.

LV / MV MCC and
VFD Buildings

Walk-in style enclosures for low and medium voltage power distribution and motor control systems, with integrated controls and automation.  Deep experience in compressor stations, liquids pipeline booster stations, and other midstream applications.  Learn More.

Medium Voltage

UL certified ANSI switchgear up to 35KV for the largest midstream facilities, in outdoor rated or walk-in style enclosures.  Arc resistant designs available.  Learn More.

Traditional or Skid-Mounted Substations

Turnkey skidded substations up to 20 MVA and 138KV primary voltage.  Offered in walk-in style or outdoor rated enclosures.  Fixed substation packages up to 80 MVA for larger facilities.  Learn More.

PLC and
Control Enclosures

UL 508A and UL 698A certified panels for non-hazardous and hazardous classifications.  Engineering and design capabilities for all component manufacturers and design platforms; programming capabilities available.  Learn More.

LACTs and
Measurement Skids

Fully integrated and tested 1,500 – 50,000 bpd oil and water LACTs, fully integrated and fluid tested.  Enclosures and other cold weather packages available; enclosed or open-style liquids and gas measurement skids up to 12” and above; built to API-11N, API-RP500.  Learn More.

Code Vessels

Standalone vessels or fully integrated packages including flare knockout skids, inlet gas separators, and other skids.  Available in skidded designs with full instrumentation and controls.  Contact us.

Salt Water
Disposals (SWDs)

Turnkey, stainless steel SWDs for up to 30,000 bpd and 2,000 PSI injection pressures. Fully integrated electrical and controls for classified or non-classified requirements. Split building designs for larger systems with higher flow rates and volume.  Learn More.

Turnkey Compressor
Station Capabilities

Balance of plant equipment for large compressor stations, including:  FKO skids, Inlet Gas Separators, IA Skids, and MV and LV PDC’s.  Available standalone or as engineered packages.  Contact us.