Parent FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the “Frequently Asked Questions for Students” for program specifics and details, but we understand that what we are proposing is a very different model of development, and that parents might have their own specific questions.

My child was supposed to graduate high school and go to college for four years. Why should I even consider this model?

Four years of university is a great model. However, we recognize that four years of college is not for everybody. With the increasing costs of education, it’s becoming harder and harder to finance that education. Even when a student graduates with a four-year degree, it can be difficult to find work due to a lack of applicable job skills. This apprenticeship model aims to provide applicable job skills, while at the same time earning a valuable education and a wage that can help pay for that education. Graduates of this program will have a significant leg up in the job market compared to those of traditional programs. They will know right away if their field of interest is right for them, rather than wasting four years and thousands of dollars only to discover that the career they’ve earned a degree in just isn’t their cup of tea.

How do I know that you have my kid’s best interests in mind?

At Intermountain Electronics, school and education always comes first. If your child has a big test or project that requires extra work, our supervisors are extremely flexible in working with them to make sure they meet their academic obligations first and foremost. Our success is directly tied to our employees’ success. We need to see these students graduate and succeed because in so doing, they provide far greater value to the company than just they work they do on the floor as an apprentice. We take a very long term view on growth and development, and plan to be around for a long time. You’re child’s success is very much a key part of that long term plan.

What are the costs associated with the program?

Intermountain Electronics has worked with Utah State University Eastern (USUE) and the local high schools to look at creative ways to finance this program wherever possible. Students will have the opportunity to take concurrent enrollment classes while still in high school either free, or at reduced costs. USUE provides a variety of financial aid opportunities both merit and need based. Furthermore, as an employee of IE, your student will be eligible for a number of additional scholarships and education assistance programs only available to employees. True costs will vary depending on your child’s path, but given the financial assistance available combined with wages earned while working, it is entirely possible that there would be little to no net cost of participating in the program.

My kid doesn’t really have it together. This seems like a great program to build some direction and discipline. How do I get them in?

Unfortunately, this program is not a boot camp to get unmotivated youth on track. If the student isn’t motivated or can’t get to work or class on time, this program isn’t going to change anything, and frankly they would probably not be accepted in the first place. That said, this is a great program for those who may not be clicking with the traditional education system for whatever reason, but still possess drive, ambition, and a sense of personal pride. Many of our strongest employees did not stand out in high school, but are great with hands-on and mechanical work and are now standout contributors in a work setting.

Is this an equal opportunity program?

Yes! IE is an equal opportunity employer. We are looking for candidates from all backgrounds and classes.