Drafting & 3D Design

Bring Designs to Life

Drafters use software to convert engineers’ designs into technical drawings that can be used for fabrication and assembly. If you were always the kid in your class who was pretty quick on the computer, but also able to see things in three dimensions with little effort, you might be great candidate for a career in drafting.

Drafters are extremely important because they provide the plans from which everything develops. Drafters need to have great attention to detail, mixed with creativity and an ability to understand the big picture. They are required to understand the form and general function of a variety of parts and sub assemblies under tight deadlines and time constraints. A career in drafting will not only allow you to earn a great living, but also continuously learn new parts, industries, and processes in an ever changing world.

Duration: 3 Years
Degree: Associates of Applied Science: Drafting and Design Technology