Electrical or Mechanical Engineering

Difficult Route...Amazing Payoff

“What did it cost?…Everything”

So maybe it’s not at Thanos level, but make no mistake about it, engineering technology is an extremely difficult path. While engineering technology programs are known for being very rigorous, individuals who take pride in their work, also find the problem solving very rewarding.

Engineers use their knowledge to produce cost effective technological solutions to problems. Our engineers are the technical heroes that solve the most complex problems that our customers bring us. Not only does an engineer get to work on the coolest and most interesting problems in the industry, they’re also well compensated. You will need to love math, be resilient, and relish hard work and long hours to be successful, but the payoff is significant.


Duration: 3 Years*
Degree: Associates of Science: Pre-Electrical or Pre-Mechanical Engineering Technology

*Additional 2 years at a four-year institution required to earn a Bachelor’s Degree