IE excels at liquids and gas measurement.

Noble Energy 5,000 BPD crude pipeline LACT – Weld County CO
Tallgrass Energy 100,000 BPD pipeline metering skid – Guernsey WY

Lease Automated Custody Transfer Skids (LACTs)

IE excels at liquids and gas measurement – IE LACTs connect thousands of wells to truck offload facilities or midstream gathering systems for convenient and accurate takeaway.

We combine process, pumping, and instrumentation know-how with our controls and automation expertise to design custom equipment optimized to your application. We integrate a broad range of pumps, with custom solutions ranging from half-inch meter “mini-LACTs” with turn down capabilities below 100 bpd, to 8” pipeline ACTs exceeding 100,000 bpd or more.  Carbon and stainless-steel options available for crude, NGLs, gas, and produced water, or combinations of any these products.

Our controls and automation team will integrate the flow computer of your choice, while building and programming a custom PLC to meet your exact requirements. 

IE – Engineered by Operators™

Summary Design Elements

  • Single skid designs incorporating all process, pumping, instrumentation, electrical and controls, and flow measurement equipment
  • Fully custom P&IDs available to meet your pressure, flow, and fluid requirements
  • Outdoor rated or enclosed (weather protected) designs available
  • Integrated electrical rooms or off skid electrical rack designs available
  • Single or multiple train LACTs available, with turndown ratios of up to 10x
  • IE can supply or will integrate your choice of flow computer, PLC, and program

Key Performance Specs (various, the following are for oilfield metering applications):

  • API MPMS Chapters 5-10 on measurement  
  • ASME B-31.3 and/or B-31.4 for in-house pipe welding
  • Meet all Hazardous Area Classification requirements
  • All systems hydro and function tested prior to shipment

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