Solution Mining

Turnkey equipment for solution mining and In-Situ Recovery (ISR) projects.

IE’s broad range of capabilities – including expertise in design, electrical, piping process and instrumentation (PP&I), and automation – allows us to offer turnkey offerings for solution mining, injection, or in-situ recovery (ISR) projects.

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Solution Mining
Injection Skids

Custom-built injection pump systems, up to 1200hp.  Fully integrated with instrumentation, electrical, controls and programming.  Filtration, heat exchangers, chemical injection, and other options available.  Learn More

Measurement, Flow Control, and Other Process Skids

In-house process engineering capabilities mean we can develop a P&ID that meets your requirements – then make it come to life.  Learn More

Medium Voltage

UL certified NEMA 3R or walk-in style switchgear, up to 25 kV in traditional air insulated designs.  Arc Resistant designs available.  Learn More


Modular substations providing up to 20 MVA of power on a turnkey skid.  Offered with walk-in style or outdoor rated breakers and control enclosures.  Learn More

& PDCs

Pre-manufactured electrical control buildings with LV and MV power distribution equipment, including VFDs and other motor control solutions, for your solution mining facility.  Learn More


IE manufactured DOE high efficiency dry-type transformers, up to 5 MVA with voltages up to 25 kV.  IE sourced oil-filled transformers up to 20MVA.  Learn More

Programable Logics Controllers (PLCs)

Both custom PLCs and programming.  Built to customer furnished or IE designs.  Expert programming capabilities, developed to your control narratives or we’ll develop them with your input.  Learn More