Process & Instrumentation

Field-ready solutions from industry experts.

Our mechanical and process capabilities are purpose built to provide turnkey, field-ready equipment.  Our team combines pump, process, and instrumentation capabilities with deep electrical, controls, and automation expertise.

IE – Engineered by Operators

Custom Mechanical
Pump Systems

Custom outdoor or enclosed turnkey pump systems.  Packaged pumps up to 2000hp, 36” spooling, and up to 4000 PSI. Fully Integrated instrumentation, electrical, controls, and automation.  Meet API 1104 and other codes.  Learn More

Custom Mechanical
Cooling Systems

Custom engineered industrial cooling or heat exchanger packages.  Packaged chilled water plants, air handling units, and direct expansion HVAC packages for virtually any industrial cooling requirements   Learn More

Custom Mechanical
Compressor Systems

Custom compressor and dryer packages, with integrated receiver tanks, automated ventilation packages, and controls. Fully integrated and factory tested.  Systems and enclosures sized specifically per the application from 5-350hp.   Learn More

Gas and Liquids
Measurement and Metering

Full range of custom metering and measurement skids for water, produced water, chemicals, natural gas, crude, and refined products.  Experience with today’s Coriolis and ultrasonic meters, or with PD/turbine/orifice meters. Fully integrated with pumps, instrumentation, sampling systems, and controls, automation and programming.  Learn More

Integrated Injection
Pump Systems

Turnkey injection systems for water, oil and gas, solution mining, and disposal systems.  Injection pumps up to 1200 hp and injection pressures of 5,000 PSI.  Options for chemical injection and other specialty capabilities.  Fully integrated with instrumentation, controls, and automation.  Learn More

Custom Integrated
Vessel Packages

ASME code facilities with manufacturing standalone vessels up to 48”. Integrated turnkey vessels packages (96”+) for large energy, chemical, and industrial applications.  All packages available with complete instrumentation, controls, and automation.  Learn More