Underground Mining

Your “easy button” for underground mining power infrastructure.

The dual quests for miner productivity and “zero accidents” define mining today.  IE’s unparalleled blend of industry operating experience and technological leadership uniquely positions IE to be your easy button in helping you achieve these goals – providing practical, real-world solutions.

IE – Powering Global Mining


Portable and fixed MSHA compliant 5-25 kV underground switchgear, and UL certified NEMA 3R or walk-in style switchgear up to 35 kV for surface operations and process plants.  Learn More

Power Centers /
Mine Load Centers (MLCs)

Underground load centers available with up to 25V primaries, featuring IE custom dry-type transformers up to 10MVA, and 20 output circuits or more.  Our SmartCenter™ console provides PLC-type capabilities with the simplicity of a smart-phone app.  Rebuild capabilities available.  Learn More

Belt and
Fan Controllers

Ruggedized VFD, Soft-start, or line starter packages for belt, fan, and pump packages.  Underground and surface applications with LV solutions up to 700 hp and MV solutions for up to 2000 hp or more.  Synchronized belt starters perfect for load sharing or regeneration.  Learn More


IE designed and MSHA approved mining circuit breakers, ground fault and monitoring relays, couplers and connectors, specialty cables.  Fixed-mount and draw-out style versions available.  Learn More


Multiple options including utility interconnect and mine portal substations. Ruggedized skid or trailed mounted stations up to 15 MVA and 69 kV primary voltage, with traditional fixed substations up to 138 kV.  Walk-in style or outdoor-rated options.  Learn More

and PDCs

re-manufactured electrical control buildings with MV and LV power distribution equipment for processing facilities (including material handling, washing, compacting, milling, concentrating, smelting/refining and other processing operations).  Learn More

Electric Controls

MSHA compliant long-wall electrical systems, including in-by XP controllers and out-by mule-train and belt controllers; up to 10MVA, with up to 25 kV primaries and 4160V distribution circuits.  Rebuild capabilities available.  Learn More


DOE high efficiency dry-type transformers, up to 8 MVA with voltages up to 25 kV.  Rebuild capabilities available.  Learn More

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

PLC hardware and programming designed to customer specifications.  IE designed PLCs and custom programs based on jointly developed control narratives.  Learn More