IE Apprenticeship

A Clear Path to the Future

Earn an education while working

Intermountain Electronics is proud to offer accelerated apprenticeship opportunities based on partnerships built between local high schools and Utah State University Eastern (USUE). Our goal is to provide students the opportunity to earn while they learn; gaining on-the-job skills and a steady income, while earning fast track in demand technical degrees.

Building on our shared vision with USUE and the local school district, we have created dedicated programs where students start working half time with industry their senior year, while simultaneously taking classes towards a technical degree and also earning apprenticeship credit for their work in industry. Within three years they will graduate with an associates degree which will not only provide accelerated opportunities in our growing company, but also an applicable education for skills that are highly in demand around the country.



50% IE + 50% School

Earn: High School Degree

Start working half days, learning job skills and earning income while finishing out your high school graduation requirements and starting classes concurrently at USUE. Graduate high school on time with a head start on your degree.


60% IE + 40% School

Earn: Certificate of Completion

Continue to work around your class schedule roughly 25 hours a week. Earn college credit for your work at IE, while also taking classes directly applicable to the work you are doing. Ability to earn a Certificate of Completion by end of year two.


70% IE + 30% School

Earn: Associates Degree

Work roughly 30 hours a week at IE, while finishing up your degree. Graduate debt free with a clear path for accelerated success after earning your Associates Degree. Enjoy a leg up on other graduates based on your strong job skills.

One Program – 4 Different Tracks

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