Hyperscale & Wholesale

To meet their demanding growth, our hyperscale and wholesale customers have to deploy more megawatts faster than ever before.

Access Control & Fire Systems
Power Distribution

IE Construction Standards

See the interactive diagram (left) to understand where our pre-packaged solutions save you time, money, and work to ensure the PUE you design for is the PUE you achieve.


Multi-circuit, 15-35KV switchgear including high power, small footprint 35KV GIS packages for even the largest (100+ MW) facilities.

Generators & Tanks

Fully compliant UL 2200 generator packages up to 4 MW, including UL 142 fuel tanks holding up to 10,000 gallons.

UPS Systems

Critical power packages with integrated lead-acid or lithium-ion UPS solutions and distribution switchboards in 1-2+ MW modules.

Electrical Power Modules

Enclosed or skid mounted power distribution skids for cooling, mechanical, and other loads.

Pump Systems

Pre-packaged cooling solutions meeting your choice of cooling processes and PUE requirements.

IT modules

Customizable, modular IT rack deployments designed to meet wholesale colocation’s end customer specific power, security, and PUE needs.

Turnkey Edge Data Centers

Customizable, fully integrated solutions for Edge and/or turnkey solutions combining cabinets, power, cooling, and our RunSmart® software. Learn More.