Process & Mechanical

IE offers full range of “smart” process and production skids and vessels.

IE offers full range of “smart” process and production skids and vessels.  These cover gas and liquid measurement systems, injection skids, pipeline and other booster skids, and separator vessels.  Our customers love the fact that we don’t just offer fabrication and pump expertise, but leadership in process, controls, and automation too. 

IE – Engineered by Operators.™

Measurement Skids / LACTs

We offer a full range of standard and custom measurement skids and LACTs for gas, crude, NGLs, and produced water.  Options range from innovative, small footprint 500 bpd mini-LACTs to large 50,000 bpd metering and measurement skids.  Multiple pump offerings.  Fully integrated, including option for IE automation and programming.

Open style or enclosed/cold weather packages available.  Integrated electrical available in non-classified areas/control room

  • Gas, crude, NGL, and produced water designs available
  • 500-50,000+ bpd measurement capabilities
  • Instruments wired to XP junction box for off-skid connections, or fully integrated in on-skid non-classified control room
  • Open-styles (with or without heat trace and insulation) or enclosed styles available
  • Metering, sampling, proving, booster capabilities
  • API-11N, API-RP500 
  • Ranges from 500-50,000+ bpd, but standard LACT designs available for between 1,500-8,000 bpd. 
  • Designs available for turndown rations of 10:1

Injection Skids / SWDs

IE offers a range of injection skid offerings, from standalone injection pumps to turnkey injection facilities.  Our suite provide several upstream productivity solutions – Fresh water and chemical injection pumps, jet pump power oil skids, and Enhanced Oil Recover (EOR) systems all provided as turnkey packages to help operators increase well productivity.  Factory fluid testing available.

Our turnkey salt-water disposal (SWD) facilities, with built-in filters, meters, and PD or horizontal centrifugal injection pumps are available in up to 30,000 bpd configurations.

  • Multi-well fresh water and chemical injection facilities for fields with high-salinity; automated water and chemical injection rates
  • Crude oil (jet pump power skids) and produced water (SWD) injection skids reaching up to 5,000 PSI injection and 20,000+ bpd 
  • Specialized EOR skid packages –waterflood or tertiary recovery designs available
  • Turnkey system design including power, controls, and automation

IE has built systems up to the following levels, although we can exceed these levels through custom designs: 

  • 5,000 PSI
  • 30,000 bpd flow rates
  • Up to 12 wells per pad for water and chemical injection
  • Jet-pump packages demonstrated to add 500+ bpd in daily production

Pipeline Pumping Systems / Boosters

Custom, turnkey open-style or enclosed gathering and booster facilities for pipelines up to 250,000 bpd.  Fully integrated designs including process and instrumentation, power and controls, and automation.  Multi-piece skid designs for largest concepts or multiple pump facilities.  Factory built packages save months in the field with savings of 25% or more vs. field-built facilities.

  • Custom pump packages integrating pumps up to 1500 hp
  • LV or MV pump controls – integrated VFDs
  • Open or walk-in style pump enclosures; full instrumentation and measurement capabilities
  • Modular, fast-custom solutions available (<18-20 weeks)
  • Up to 48” pipe
  • Up to 250,000 bpd flow rates (liquids)

ASME Vessels / Production Equipment

Manufacture standalone vessels up to 48”.

Our customers trust IE to source and manage projects with larger vessels (120”+) for 3-phase separator packages, inlet gas separators, flare knockout skids, etc.  All available with complete instrumentation and controls.  We leverage our process, control, and automation capabilities to make these projects easy for our customers.

  • ASME code vessels and turnkey packages with vessels, pumps, and instrumentation and controls
  • IE makes projects easy through turnkey project management and fast timelines
  • Production equipment including GPUs, separators / treaters, flare knockout skids, VRUs, etc.
  • 12-24” piping, with up to 200,000 bpd flow rates in liquids

Instrument Air Skids

Custom compressor and dryer packages, with integrated receiver tanks, automated ventilation packages, and controls.  Factory tested. Fully integrated and tested compressed air packages to meet all your compression needs. Sized specifically for your application with horsepower ranges from 5-350hp.  Skids designed to your specifications and can include air dryers, receivers (on skid or off), automated  intake/exhaust systems and controls.

  • Skidded, enclosed, climate controlled buildings
  • Automated intake/exhaust louver systems
  • All major manufacturers packaged and integrated
  • 5hp-350hp units
  • Up to 1650 acfm
  • Up to 200 psi