IE Mining

The global leader in power solutions technology.

Intermountain Electronics (IE) was formed in 1985 with the simple vision of bringing leading technology and the best service to the mining power distribution equipment market.  Learn how we are still doing that today.

IE – Powering Global Mining

Underground Mining

From portal substations to the load centers at the face, and everything in between, IE is the undisputed leader in the Americas in bringing the latest technology, power, and automation to deep mines.

Surface Mining

IE equipment has set the industry standard for custom power distribution and dewatering solutions. Our offering of both portable and permanent solutions covers the full spectrum of surface mining requirements.

Ore Processing & Handling

IE substations, switchgear, and E-houses power and control material handling and ore processing equipment at the world’s largest hard and soft rock mines. See how our modular solutions bring power to the most remote locations.

Solution Mining

Our unique mix of power, automation, and process engineering capabilities make us a leader in providing turnkey solution mining solutions for in-situ or other injection mining technologies.

Our broad capabilities and unmatched experience as mining operators make us the easy button in providing a full spectrum of mining power, process, and automation infrastructure.


Before IE launched its line of mining components over the past decade, the mining sector had to rely on outdated, 1970’s technology.  With over a dozen new patents, IE has revolutionized mining breakers, ground monitors and relays, and other products while leading the development of the digital mine. Learn More.

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Ground Monitoring Relays
  • Miscellaneous Electronic Mining Components
  • Couplers and Connectors
  • IE SmartCenter™ / Digital Mine

Power Distribution

Power is the lifeblood of today’s mine.  Our portfolio of modular power and automation solutions covers the entire mine site, including MSHA compliant solutions for both underground and surface operations, and LV/MV E-houses for ore processing plants and material handling systems. Learn More.

  • Power Centers / MLCs
  • Underground Power Distribution
  • Longwall Electrics
  • MV Switchgear
  • Dry-Type Transformers
  • E-Houses / PDCs
  • Modular Unit Substations
  • PLCs / Automation
  • Field Services / Automation

Process & Mechanical

Today’s mines require a full spectrum of pumping and process solutions, from traditional dewatering skids to more specialized solution mining injection systems and slurry and ore processing.  Explore our full range of pumping, process, and instrumentation solutions. Learn More.

  • Injection Skids
  • Dewatering Skids
  • Specialized Fluid Process Equipment