Surface Mining

Your “go to” partner for power distribution systems in pits and plants alike.

Our team is comprised of former mining operators.  Our deep expertise make us the “go-to” partner for power distribution systems in pits and plants alike.  See how the world’s global mine operators and their EPC partners are using our equipment below.

IE – Powering Global Mining


Portable and fixed MSHA compliant 5-25 kV surface switchgear and disconnects, and UL metal-clad NEMA 3R or walk-in style switchgear up to 35 kV for processing facilities.  Arc-resistant designs available.   Learn More


Ruggedized skid or trailer mounted substations up to 15 MVA, or traditional substations up to 138 kV and 100 MVA, in outdoor or walk-in style deisgns.  Small skid mounted pump subs or lighting subs available.  Learn More

& PDCs

Pre-manufactured electrical control buildings with fully integrated MV and LV power distribution equipment for processing facilities including material handling, compactors, mills, concentrators, smelters and other applications.  Learn More

Motovators / Portable Generator Sets

Customized, MSHA compliant mobile gensets up to 3000 kW for moving critical electrically driven mining equipment around the mine, or providing flexibility to operate off-grid.  Contact for more info


IE designed and MSHA approved mining circuit breakers, ground fault and monitoring relays, couplers and connectors, voltage sensing devices, and specialty cables. Fixed-mount and draw-out style versions available.  Learn More

Dewatering and Other Pump Skids

Turnkey pump, instrumentation, power and controls skids for dewatering, slurry, or other applications.  Ruggedized packages designed for easy moves.  Pumps up to 1200hp.  Learn More

Belt and Fan
Controllers / Starters

Ruggedized outdoor rated VFD or soft-start packages for conveyors, fans, pumps, and shovels/draglines.  LV or MV solutions up to 2000+ hp.  Synchronized belt starters for load sharing.  Stainless steel enclosures available.  Learn More


DOE high efficiency dry-type transformers, up to 8 MVA with voltages up to 25 kV.  Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV) and other enclosures available for specialty applications (electric shovels, draglines).  Learn More

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

PLC hardware and programming designed to customer specifications.  IE designed PLCs and custom programs based on jointly developed control narratives.  Learn More