Telecom & Edge

The interconnected world has created new demands for Edge Data Center Infrastructure, IE modular and turnkey solutions ensure you will be prepared.

Micro (<100KW)

Our X2 series provides up to 12 racks in a single turnkey skid.  Find me a power source and I’m ready to go. Learn More.

Multi-Bay Edge

We have a variety of standard designs, offering chilled water, outside air, or combo cooling solutions for variable density solutions up to 110 racks per enclosure.  Deployed as a campus these are economical in deployments up to 5 MW. Learn More.

Indoor Rated IT Modules

These closed loop, hot aisle/cold aisle units are deployed in traditional data centers to ensure you get the specific security, control, and PUE you need.
Learn More.

RunSmart™ Software

Experience the full potential of IE-Baselayer® modules with our integrated software solution. RunSmart™ allows you to safely and securely monitor, track, and maintain your data center infrastructure anytime, on any device, from anywhere in the world on a single unified console. Learn More.

Case Studies

  • Financial Services:  Technology is blending the boundary between finance and data like never before.  Our solutions enable enterprises to create private cloud or large scale computing environments.
  • Healthcare/Education: Our on-premise solutions – whether traditional enterprise or drop-in modular provide total security control, meet HIPAA and regulatory requirements, and still fit in your budget.  User Story: Green HPC (MARCC-JHU)
  • Government:  Our solutions help government enterprises build traditional and modular data centers with best-in-class infrastructure available to private sector.  All with a customization, supply chain, and manufacturing requirements needed in public IT environments.