Enterprise & Colocation

Custom data center design requirements to meet your enterprise or colocation specific applications.

We work directly with our clients in developing “fast-custom” solutions that meet the specific rack density, PUE and other performance requirements you have, while facilitating your aggressive build times.

IE – Engineered by Operators.™

Turnkey Substations

Prepackaged, skidded substations allowing for immediate drop-in of up to 15MW of power.

MV Switchgear

Outdoor rated or walk-in MV distribution switchgear packages, from 5KV-35KV.

Pre-Packaged Standby Generators

Fully compliant UL 2200 generator packages up to 4MW, including UL 142 fuel tanks holding up to 10,000 gallons.

Critical Power/UPS Packages

Critical power packages with integrated lead-acid or lithium-ion UPS solutions and distribution switchboards in 1-2 MW modules.

Auxiliary Power Modules

Power distribution skids for cooling, mechanical, and other non-IT loads.

Cooling, CRAC, & Pump Skid Modules

Pre-packaged cooling solutions meeting your choice of cooling processes.

IT Modules

Fully customizable, modular IT rack deployments, designed to meet customers’ specific needs.

Turnkey Edge

Fully customizable, fully integrated turnkey solutions combining power, cooling, and racks in configurations ranging from 50 KW to 6 MW or more.

Case Studies

  • Financial Services:  Technology is blending the boundary between finance and data like never before.  Our solutions enable enterprises to create private cloud or large scale computing environments.
  • Healthcare/Education: Our on-premise solutions – whether traditional enterprise or drop-in modular provide total security control, meet HIPAA and regulatory requirements, and still fit in your budget.  User Story: Green HPC (MARCC-JHU)
  • Government:  Our solutions help government enterprises build traditional and modular data centers with best-in-class infrastructure available to private sector.  All with a customization, supply chain, and manufacturing requirements needed in public IT environments.