Electrical Technician

The Bedrock of IE Corp.

The electrical technician role is not only highly sought out in the economy in general, but it serves as the main feeder role for nearly any opportunity in Intermountain Electronics. If you fundamentally understand how our equipment works and how to put it together, you are uniquely suited to pursue a variety of growth roles at IE.

Whether you are interested in moving into management, sales, field service, or simply want to focus on becoming the best electrician possible, it’s hard to go wrong as an electrical technician. On this path, you will understand the fundamentals of how electricity works, as well as the practical methods for wiring and installing power distribution and control equipment through which electricity flows.


Duration: 3 Years*
Earning Power in 5 Years: $20-28/HR
*4 Years if earning Journeyman’s License
electrical technician