An IE exclusive, intelligently designed ecosystem with rich connectivity and extensibility for organizing, monitoring, and utilizing your critical information.

Intelligence Upon Arrival

With the spirit of innovation in mind, IE continues to differentiate itself by developing purpose-built software that enhances utilization of site, facility, and equipment data in meaningful ways.

We believe critical function demands prioritization and strive to improve data monitoring, alarming/notification, organization, visualization, and logical operation.

Our RunSmart™ software suite is laser focused on customer driven use cases while being flexible enough to apply to a myriad of industries.  Whether one needs to centralize a global footprint or a single piece of equipment, IE has options.

Function First

Connect, Monitor, Notify, and Enhance Operations

Get Connected

We specialize in aggregating disparate metering into one console with abundant features and optional control capabilities.

RunSmart™ talks to many standard protocols which leads to unmatched connectivity to all facility equipment, modern sensors, systems, software, and external data alike.

    • Our solutions are vendor and equipment agnostic to inspire freedom and flexibility in your gear choices
    • Comprehensive interfaces grant a unified console, rich visualizations, and user defined dashboards
    • Unlimited number of users
    • Web interface and fat client tools

Our deployments are operationally designed to monitor, track, and maintain every connected asset.  You name it and we’ve most likely interfaced with it.

  • Switchgear, Pump and Filter Systems, Power Skids, Programmable Logic and Distributed Control Systems, HVAC, CRAC, CRAH, LACT, Low/Medium/High Voltage MCC and VFD buildings, Compressor stations, Saltwater disposal, and Fluid processing
  • Modular containers for IT servers/Datacenter, Power Distribution/E-House, Battery/Energy Storage, and ancillary gear such as Substations, Transformers, Chillers, Generators, UPS, and Critical metering
  • Integrated IE equipment can be configured at our factories which gives our customers intelligence upon arrival

Alarming and Notification

Rest assured knowing that RunSmart™ is on the watch.  We know that Alarms and Notifications are critical to maintaining uptime and productivity.  We also know that it’s important to be able to eliminate noise by having detailed control of how and when notifications go out.

  • Alarms are rolled up into one view at any level in the hierarchy
  • One-click drill down links immediately auto-navigate you to equipment experiencing issues
  • Complex thresholds allow operators to fine tune varying degrees of priorities and associated notifications
  • Easily diagnose issues with visual data quality indicators and status messages
  • Schedule maintenance activities and define notification groups
  • Multiple priorities (P1-P9) can be assigned and copied to devices or individual sensors

Enhance Your Operation

Large and small operations around the world can all agree that it is vital for support staff to quickly locate and resolve problems.  We provide interactive dashboards and capabilities that allow for rapid assessment and response.  Additionally, they help decrease any wait time for manually created operator screens.

  • Holistic built-in dashboards that display:
    • Device and sensor detail
    • Charting
    • Set point modification (optional)
    • Alerts, messages, and data quality indication
  • Rapid one-click navigation as well as search and drill down
  • Charting tools to trend, multi-trend, and export any combination sensor data
  • App store for updates, security patches, bug fixes, and custom solution delivery
  • Audit (optional) and reports help facilitate awareness and accountability

Extended Features

User Defined Screens, Intelligent Trend Charts, Custom Automation Orchestration Engine, Custom Metrics, Forms, and External Data

Design and Visualize

RunSmart™ Designer empowers operators to create screens with relevant content.

  • Bring your vision to life with fully customizable screens showing live data
  • Designer tool makes it easy to create complex screens with drag and drop capabilities
  • Make dashboards personalized and fit perfectly to each business case
  • Screens can be presented based on user permission and roles
  • Drawings can display data from local and remote (optional) sources
  • Harness your data in aggregated and practical ways

Automation Made Simple and Sophisticated

RunSmart™ Workflow services give you a robust orchestration engine that allows users to add logic and automation to the system.

With our visual programming tool, we have eliminated the need to write complicated programming code.  The Workflow Engine allows you to start a workflow based on time or events.  Use our logic design blocks to control the flow of operations.

  • Orchestrate
  • Control
  • Customize

Workflows can be applied to a plethora of use cases that allow you to tailor logic and automation to your process needs.

  • Condition based rules and events
    • Ex. Time, sensor state, action performed, alarm or priority alert level etc.
  • Custom alarms and triggers
  • Send/Receive data to and from other business applications
  • Integrate with messaging apps such as Slack or Microsoft Teams

Forms Done Your Way

They may not be fun, but forms sure are necessary for compliance and auditing.  Use our Forms Engine to digitize any of your paper processes.

  • Daily checklists
  • Requisitions
  • Shift reports
  • Maintenance activity
  • Inspection logs

You are in control as our form builder allows you to easily create your own.

Designed to work offline in areas where your device(s) or equipment may not be networked, our forms component allows you to get your work done and synchronize your data when a connection becomes available.

  • To-Do lists
  • Design your own
  • Forms can be passed to ERP systems

Anything else you may want to digitize now becomes a possibility.  By coupling our Forms and our Workflow, you can easily synchronize the data you collect in the forms to your own back-end systems.

Metrics That Matter

Know your costs and how effective you are utilizing your gear.  We can unlock data hidden in your PLCs or SCADA system.  We help our customers devise metrics to see and understand real time costs.  Use RunSmart™ to track and highlight how your energy consumption is being utilized to improve efficiencies.

It’s time to show how well your equipment investments are paying off and help operators understand the cost benefit/wastes caused by their actions.

Simple and complex calculations alike:

Our calculation engine provides support for complex dependencies between sensors and calculated (virtual) sensors using a high-performance language.  RunSmart™ features the ability to combine sensors across the system, apply formulas to near real-time readings, and report the result as a single virtual point.

  • Utilization
  • Cost
  • Efficiencies

Make metrics matter with insight into undiscovered areas and derive equations relevant to your needs.  Virtual sensors can be rolled to any level within the hierarchy giving users flexibility with their efficiency tracking.

External Data

Your data doesn’t only live in PLCs and SCADA systems.  We can poll data from your Back End Office systems and almost any connected modern device.  Any ERP System like SAP, BMC, ServiceNow, NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics can be integrated with RunSmart™.

  • Stream media from your security cameras and incorporate them with our screens
    • If your cameras provide motion detection or Human Detection, we can bring that function as well
  • When Thermal Cameras are part of your equipment inspection, we can utilize an AI model to automatically detect critical changes and alert you on them

Application Programming Interface

  • RunSmart™ has an open API that can be used to send data to any other system
    • Send sensor readings, device information, alarms, configuration, and properties of anything mapped in our software
  • Additionally, we can integrate other local network or online data via API call
    • Grab live data from your internal systems or online resources
    • All online features are completely optional