Monitor, Track, and Maintain Your Infrastructure


Call it what you want, IE has smart ways to manage your gear and sites.

Experience the full potential of your infrastructure with our integrated software solution.  RunSmart™ allows you to safely and securely monitor, track, and maintain your critical systems anytime, on any device, from anywhere in the world on a single unified console.

Monitoring doesn’t stop at the Module, add your global infrastructure to RunSmart™ and intelligently monitor traditional data centers, chiller plants, generators, power distribution systems, or other Building Management Systems. Gain a holistic view of your operation and allow RunSmart™ to show you a smarter way to manage your infrastructure.

Fully Loaded

  • Operationally designed to monitor, track and maintain your Modular Data Center (MDC) and critical infrastructure
  • Fully integrated with all IE Mission Critical MDC solutions (Indoor IT modules, Outdoor/Edge and Micro Edge)
  • Unique single pane clarity, richness and ability to personalize what you see and how you see it
  • Alarming, Notifications and Maintenance Scheduling
  • Flexible metrics with built in calculation engine allowing for custom mathematical expressions
  • Extendible to specific uses cases or feature needs via professional services
  • Tools to deep dive into intelligent features
  • Online App store allows for easy updates, security patches, and bug fixes in addition to custom solutions

Get Connected

  • Talks mostly any industry protocol which leads to unmatched connectivity to all facility equipment, modern sensors, systems, software and external data alike
  • Vendor and equipment agnostic
  • Open API allows mapped data to be polled by external programs for additional functionality

Visualize Your Needs

  • Standard dashboards
  • Visualizations with live data
  • Make your own dynamic screens
  • One-click drill down
  • Able to stream data from other sources

Trend Swiftly

  • Trend, Multi-Trend and Report on any combination of sensors
  • Easily export raw data
  • Save session with selected sensors for access later

Operate Efficiently

  • Complex Alarming and Notification
  • Sensor State and Quality Indication
  • Rapid one-click navigation as well as search and drill down
  • Full device detail, charting, set point modification, alerts, messages and data quality indication

Create and Orchestrate

  • RunSmart™ Designer empowers operators to create personalized screens with relevant content
  • Harness your data in usable and sensical ways
  • Enhanced operations management
  • Tailored to your process needs