Digital Processes and Monitoring at the Edge

RunSmart™ EDGE aggregates disparate equipment and metering into a single view that is packed with features only IE offers out of the box.

Making “Dumb” Equipment Smart

  • Built-in data aggregation
  • Streamlined touch friendly local and/or remote user interface
  • Sensor data charting with multi-trend capability
  • Reading history easily exported
  • Optional control
  • Intelligence delivered as an “easy button” for IE Smart components

Wherever You May Roam

  • Flexible web based user interface works on:
    • Control Panel Touch Screen/HMI
    • Desktop
    • Tablet
    • Smart phone
  • On demand information is easily accessible wherever you work

I Can See Clearly Now

  • Built-in data engine allows you to trend:
    • Utilization
    • Cost
    • Efficiencies
  • Metrics that matter
  • Insight into areas that may have been previously unknown

Ditch the Data Leash

  • No need to call or stop in the control room for information
  • View your screens on any network connected device

Your Process, Your Way

  • Customizable forms:
    • Checklists
    • Inspection logs
    • Shift reports
    • Maintenance activity
    • Design your own
  • Timestamped and system logged

Hit the Ground Running

  • Configured at our factories and delivered ready to go
  • Hierarchy and Overview capability makes it easy to see devices and sensors
  • Completely remove wait time for manually created operator screens

Stop Guessing and Know

  • RunSmart™ EDGE assists in troubleshooting by keeping track of:
    • Alarms
    • Data history
    • Configuration
    • System changes and messages
    • Form submission and exports

Avoid Predictable Failures

  • Thermal image trending capability allows:
    • Operators to predict problems before downtime occurs
    • Further visibility into physical problems
    • Proof of degradation

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