Oil & Gas Segments

Serving the industry since 1985.

The US has ridden the shale revolution to global leadership in oil, gas, and LNG exports over the last decade.  Innovative operators are relentlessly improving technology, driving down operating costs, and capturing production efficiencies. With a team full of industry operators, and DNA more operator than vendor, we understand your challenges.  Our engineering team has the experience and product knowledge to help you build fast, right, and with zero waste.

IE – powering oil & gas.


IE has a full range of pre-packaged production, I&E, and measurement solutions to get your well-pad facilities running in record time. We also offer artificial lift and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) solutions to help you get more from your current assets.


IE’s offering of electrical and process solutions covers the full range of midstream gas and liquids infrastructure, including gathering systems, compression, stabilization and treatment, storage, and interstate pipelines.

Downstream, LNG, and Petrochemical

IE is a leading provider of power distribution solutions into the refinery, LNG, and Petrochem sectors. We offer substations, switchgear, and motor control solutions in customized enclosures, including multi-piece and blast-resistant designs.