Data Center Segments

Rapid deployment for hyperscale, wholescale colocation, and Edge.

The data center market is expanding as never before. Hyperscale data centers are exceeding the 100 MW threshold in size while being constructed in shorter and shorter time periods. Wholesale colocation facilities are changing the value proposition for Enterprise customers.

Today’s customer requirements are pushing more and more computing to the Edge. Whether you need to deploy 80 MW under a single roof in 12 weeks, or 200 Micro Edge sites in 12 months, we are here to meet your scaling needs.

IE – Engineered by Operators.

Hyperscale & Wholesale

IE’s solutions help our Hyperscale customers build out infrastructure for 100 MW+ data centers in record times. Our modular offerings range from facility wide 35 kV GIS switchgear down to enclosed IT rack modules on the data center floor, and everything in between.

Enterprise & Colocation

Every sector and customer has its own data center design and build requirements. Enterprise and colocation facilities have used our customizable, modular solutions to achieve their specific power, cooling, and security/tiering requirements.

Modular & Edge

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Baselayer, IE is the leader in global turnkey and Edge deployments, with hundreds of megawatts installed. Our lineup offers everything from 50 kW Microedge solutions to campus style 5 MW deployments, and everything in between.