Battery Energy Storage Systems

IE builds world’s largest UPS and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

AES Energy Storage – SDG&E Escondido 37.5MW / 150MWh BESS – San Diego, CA
Fluence – APS Punkin Center Project – 1.25 MW 5 MWh BESS – Arizona

IE Power Storage

IE has claim to having built the world’s largest lithium-ion battery storage solutions on multiple occasions!  Storage solution providers and developers love our “fast-custom” capabilities.  While the industry has struggle trying to modify shipping containers as enclosures, we have repeatedly demonstrated the value of using a custom designed enclosure.  We have a track record of repeatedly delivering over 100 MWh in less than six months from order to delivery.  We scale – and fast!

Our engineering and manufacturing depth allows us to partner with project developers to use optimized racks, batteries, HVAC systems, and fire suppression systems to reduce overall cost and lead times.  We do all this while meeting stringent seismic and fire codes, with optional UL rated enclosures.  Customized packages don’t have to be complicated – let us show you how we are the easy button.

IE – Engineered by Operators™

Summary Design Elements

  • Customized enclosures measuring up to 18’ wide and 70’ long; outdoor rated or walk-in style options available
  • Oversized enclosure designs available to accommodate rack heights exceeding 120”  
  • Enclosures engineered to meet all local codes, with seismic and fire-rated options 
  • DC only or DC/AC (on skid inverters) designs available
  • Integration includes all DC and AC power connections, controls, and ethernet and communications with BMS/inverters
  • Custom fire suppression and HVAC designs and testing
  • Turnkey services available, with site GC and EC partners and IE furnished transformers, relay control buildings, and other equipment

Key Performance Specs

  • UL ratings available on custom enclosures
  • UL 508a control panels 
  • All buildings meet IBC 2015
  • Seismic SDC F Zone 4 compliant designs available
  • Hurricane Zone 4 compliant designs available

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